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Jael – The Portrait of a Godly Woman

by Ismael Burciaga | Thoughts | 6 Comments »


Tonight Laura and I were watching Bible Battles on the History Channel and they talked about the story of Jael. If you don’t know who Jael is, she is a character mentioned in the Book of Judges in the Hebrew Bible, as the heroine who killed Sisera to deliver Israel from the troops of king Jabin.

She invited Sisera into her tent and offered him milk. As soon as he fell asleep, Jael sneaked up on him, holding a tent peg and a mallet. She drove it through his temples so hard that it entered into the ground below.

This is just one of the many crazy stories mentioned in the Bible. If you want to learn more, open up the Bible and read the Old Testament. You will be surprised at what you find.

6 Responses to “Jael – The Portrait of a Godly Woman”

  1. I love the story of Jael. I always love how God, in His Word dismantles the myth of a justice-less God. He definitely works His will and providence in mysterious ways.

  2. Ismael, as a web developer I see lots of sites each day and it’s very rare to see anyone mention the Bible, let alone recommend opening it. Good to see. Your site is very nice as well.

  3. @Skylar, Yeah its amazing. I have totally seen God’s works in my own life.

    @Stephen – Thanks. I will soon be publishing a site that is a library of Bible Stories. However I will only start with like 14 stories. The only thing holding me back is designing an image for each story. I think I have like 10 more designs I need to finish to make it live.

  4. @Stephen | No doubt.

    @Ismael | That will be awesome! Will you be announcing it on your blog?

  5. @Skylar – I will. I think we are looking to launch it in January. Hey actually would you like to donate some time and maybe design a few bible story covers? This is only for the website… At first I just had stories but a friend said it was boring so I stayed up all night and redesigned it and added images to each story. The design for each story needs to look like a book cover you would see at Barnes & Noble. I like how all the book covers look when they are together at Hit me up on IM so we can chat more about it.

  6. @Ismael | Fo sheezy

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