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Intense Zombie Dream

by Ismael Burciaga | Life | 1 Comment »

WOW I just had a crazy vivid & intense zombie dream that feels like I have had several times growing up. They were like the old classic Night of the Living Dead movies. It’s funny how it started because I was in the middle of a shoot out with some bad guys. As I was trying to hide under a table for a sniper shot, I quickly realize that the thugs could see me from the side of the building. Then instantly a group of their friends arrive and next thing you know we (a group of close friends) are on the run bc we are being chased. This is where the zombie dream kicks in.

As we are running we find a bookstore and run in. Now for some reason my group turned into a few friends and some new civilians. As we are hiding out talking about what just happened, a lady opens the front door and begins to talk to someone. I rush down there and tell her to come inside. She didn’t listen and that someone had turned into a zombie and bit her. We killed the zombie and brought her in. We dididnt know what to do but she then turned into a zombie and we had to put her out. Soon this bookstore turned into a multi-level school and notice zombies walking from the west wing. We start to make our escape by going up the stairs to exit out the top level door. By this point I have a shotgun and I am blasting these bad boys into pieces. Zombies were popping out of classrooms and closets. In one scene my wife is now in my group and we hop in a van and leave the facility. As we drive about a few miles we crash and end up in a neighborhood. As we are getting out of the van a group of people begin to run towards us because they were being chased by new zombies. This is where it gets funny. Everyone rushes to the top deck of the front porch and I pull out my glock and start shooting this one zombie man that is standing at the top of the stairs. As I begin to shoot him at close range, he starts laughing. I quickly then notice my gun was a water gun. Man this dream was so intense that I had to wake up.

So this is real life now. I wake up and take the dogs outside to potty (I do this EVERY night) and when we are out there I hear the most crazy sound ever. It was like a loud crazy door was opening (kinda like the ones you hear in movies when the place is abandoned and the hindges are rusty) every 40 seconds. So the dogs and I run up to the fence and look through a hole and the sound got louder but we couldn’t see anything in the street. By this time it was so instense that every 5 seconds I was checking my back. After a few minutes trying to hear or see anyhing, we give up and go back inside to bed and I begin to write out my experience.

Ok time for bed, but before I leave you, here are some questions for you:

Was that intense or what? What is the craziest dream you have had that feels like you have dreamt it before?

PS: this entry my not be gramatically correct bc I’m typing this at 5:25am

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  1. Haha man thats pretty sick . i just had a zombie dream

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