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These past few weeks have been super crazy with work and life. In the beginning of November, I started redesigning Kari Jobe’s website. I already knew that she loved the Anthropologie style, but I wasn’t quite sure how I would begin designing. I took some time, as I always do before I start on a project, and looked at a lot of CSS Galleries like CSS Mania, CSS Vault, CSS Remix, CSS Beauty, Web Creme, Best Web Gallery and MinistryCSS for inspiration. After two weeks of designing and slicing, we finally launched the site.

After launching, I then had to work from home for 3 days because our little furry Chihuahua had to get neutered. During these three days of babysitting and working, at night I played the bass guitar at Gateway Church for the Equipping Groups and the Alpha Men’s Ministry. Then when Friday came along, I played a total of 6 services at the North Richland Hills campus. Three on Saturday and three on Sunday. Three might not sound like a lot but the hours on Saturday are from 12:45 pm to 8 pm and on Sunday from 8 am till about 1 pm. Honestly I had a blast at every service. It is an awesome experience to help lead others into the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That Sunday night I passed out at about 8:30 pm and didn’t wake up till about 7 am.

When I arrived to work the next morning, I started designing my friends website My friends and I at Church Media Group worked hard for two straight days to knock this site out of the ballpark. Much thanks to Travis Gates and Yuri Star for making it happen. The site was a success. A simple one page design with audio samples and a kick butt photo gallery.

I will finish with this… Last night my wife and I attended a Kickboxing class at LA Fitness and right now I AM SORE! the class looks simple, but it’s so stinkin hard. I don’t know how the trainer can lead 2 classes in a row.

Well thats it folks, these past few weeks have been so much fun at work and at church. Now it is time to hang out with my wife, my 2 furry little friends and prepare for the new exhibition at Dallas this Thursday: BODIES… The Exhibition.


4 Responses to “Beat!”

  1. The Kari Jobe site looks amazing! Great job!

  2. Thanks Ashley.

  3. I love your designs…. and that you love Jesus.

  4. Thanks Angie. Are you a designer?

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