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Music I Listen To When I Design

by Ismael Burciaga | Design, Music | 5 Comments »

Here is a list of artists and bands I listen to when I design. My genres range from rap, hardcore, pop and emo. I know my range is weird but I love all types of music.


Hardcore Rock:



Soft (not sure what genre)


5 Responses to “Music I Listen To When I Design”

  1. WOW! Almost exactly what I listen to! Love that you listen to Imogen and Frou Frou! So inspiring, isn’t it?

  2. DEFTONES! You get a pass for your recent Ke$ha tweet. :)

  3. Brilliant selection of music! Not sure I like all of it, but it’s great to hear what others listen to!

  4. Loving your designs, but could not help but imagine creations you would make while listening to Rick Ross ( Auton Martin Music instrumental is phenomenal )

  5. Great list…a lot of the music I listen too and a lot of new bands I plan on checking out!!

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